Your Handicap: What You Must Do At Each Event

The recent introduction of the World Handicap System has changed the way that golfers understand their handicaps. It’s no longer a whole number that changes very rarely, but a decimal number that can vary, sometimes seemingly at random, every time you submit a competition card or supplementary qualifying score.

However, your responsibilities haven’t changed – it is still down to you, the player, to know exactly what that handicap index is on the day you are playing. This will be on your golf club website or app or the England Golf website or MyEG app if you are a club member, or on the “Handicaps & Cuts” page of the society website if you are not.
You must inform the strokeplay event organiser of your index when you arrive for an event, ensure it is entered on the scorecard, then find the whole-number course handicap for the tees you will be playing on the golf club’s chart, which will be prominently displayed outside the building. This should be written on the card, then any cuts applied for previous successes. 
In our matchplay rounds your opponents need to know your course handicap, cuts are only applied in strokeplay events. Full difference from the lower handicap player in singles; in fourballs calculate 90% of your course handicap (i.e. reduced by 10%) rounded to the nearest whole number, then take the difference from the lowest handicap player.
Any questions of queries, please contact the Handicap Secretary.

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  1. Liz Clark Liz Clark says:

    Himguys…I am having great trouble signing into an event. The website puts me deep into the bowels of admin stuff. My hcp is now 17 having had a medical adjustment this week. Can someone enter me please??

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