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Hi to all who make it thus far.  Hope you are staying clear of the lurgy.  Best wishes.  We’ll meet again …..

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  1. Tony Ransley Tony Ransley says:

    Hi, we are open at Alton Golf Club. Limited Bar facilities but the course is in great shape…

  2. Club House now closed at Salisbury and suspect further restrictions on the way. Let’s hope we can get together again before too long.
    Everyone stay safe.

  3. Terry Wall Terry Wall says:

    Thank you, Peter. I hope we are all getting some golf as it is the one sport that can be played without infringing the government’s rules on social distancing. I am avoiding touching anything I didn’t bring to the course with me, I’m changing my shoes in the car park and not going in the clubhouse. My newest golf shoes don’t even have soft spikes so I could wear them to drive.

    Let’s hope the government avoids the temptation to put a blanket ban on this.


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