Strokeplay Rules

Strokeplay Rules

* * * Events taking place under government Covid-19 guidelines have revised rules for social distancing, speed of play (ie. no letting groups through) and dining.  Please see individual event newsletters for details.  * * *

Society Strokeplay Events

Our Society strokeplay events are 18-hole singles Stableford competitions off full handicap. Prices and other details are on the Diary page.

    • Price includes 18 holes of golf followed by a 1 or 2-course meal.
    • To enroll for a strokeplay event please register on the link in the Strokeplay Diary web page. Links to the organiser become active about 3 weeks prior to an event.
    • Enrolments and EFT pre-payments must be received at least five days before the event.  See event details as these may change.
  • Payment is by EFT when you book (bank details are given in announcement newsletters).  Your payment includes £2 per person for the 2’s Charity Sweep. A commitment to play is one to pay.  No refunds are given for cancellations, or for those who do not stay for the meal.

Competition Rules

    • We have adopted the following local rule from the 2019 Rules of Golf:
      • If a ball may be lost or out of bounds a provisional ball should be played. If a provisional ball has not been played and a ball cannot be found within 3 minutes or is out of bounds, a replacement ball may be dropped on or towards the fairway at the nearest estimated point to the lost ball or the point at which it went out of bounds, not nearer the hole, with a two-stroke penalty.
    • 18-hole Stableford singles competition:
      • Members play off the course handicap based on their club or Society handicap index, less any strokes awarded for being a recent prize winner. (See the Handicap Rules page for full details of Society cuts).
      • Men normally play off yellow tees, ladies off red.
      • Ladies’ handicaps are adjusted to take into account any differences between ladies’ and men’s Course Ratings for the tees used and/or the pars for the course.
      • Ties are resolved firstly by countback over the last nine holes and, if scores are still level, by countback over the last six holes. Finally, if necessary, countback is over the last 3, 2, and 1 holes.
    • Prizes are awarded on the day to the winner and runner up and for Nearest the Pin (NTP) and sometimes Nearest the Pin in 2. Guests are not eligible for winner or runner-up prizes but may win 2’s, NTP, and other special competitions.
  • There is a 2’s Charity Sweep for each event. Half the total collected goes to the Captain’s charity. All those scoring birdie twos on a par 3 split the remaining half with a maximum win of £10 (the rest going to the charity).


Strokeplay trophies are awarded as a result of performance in the 18-hole singles Stableford competitions in the main events of the season, including the AGM but excluding the Winter Warmer. The Trophy pages give the current standings, qualification criteria, and the current holder of each trophy.