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After months of COVID, weeks of lockdown and cancellations of our planned golf events HMG eventually announce dates where we can meet and eat indoors in a social context. Great !! Now the problem is that many clubs are not accepting Golf Societies. Luckily I find that Pine Ridge GC ( my club ) is in a position to take us plus I can get the Green Room for eating and for our AGM.

Things start rolling, date is set and invitations sent to our members ( with instructions!! ). I receive several emails thanking me for invite but apologising that they will be unable to come. That was nice.

Things progress and playing acceptances roll in, numbers are finalised, buggies booked, meals cancelled for those who could not stay and requests for early starts and similar processed. 29 entries !! Blimey 29 entries !! More than forecast by our resident statistician and Treasurer. OK, so how do you split that into fourballs ???? Luckily the early start requests are six, as we are tight on time I then put another three of our faster players together, job done now wait for the day.

Day is getting closer and weather forecast getting worse, two days out and forecast is dire, rain, wind thunder and lightening, think Mussorgsky’s Night on Bare Mountain mixed with Mars from Holst’s Planet suite. Can only cross fingers. AGM day arrives, suddenly blue sky, light winds and sun – queue Morning from Peer Gynt.

Arrive on site a tad before midday and already a few arrived, keen. Arrange the coffee and get bacon rolls rolling and layout cards and greet old friends and acquaintances as they arrive. That too was nice.
Players depart and we have a golf match.

The course was in a reasonable condition (it is a lot better now thanks to some warmth and sunshine) and to tell the truth, apart from my outstanding playing partners, Libby, Steve Anderson and Anil, company to enjoy I played pants ! However upon completion and gathering the results thanks to Mr D Tulloch, it became apparent there are some good players out there.

Dinner was served, I think and inspired choice and nicely tasty followed by the prize presentations for the day and some overdue awards from our last season, Captains (Cup) Shield to Ken Crookes and, somewhat inevitably the Henderson Trophy (for lowest gross score) to Bill Quain.

The event winner, our new Captain and recent joiner to Pine Ridge GC had an outstanding round closely followed by another PRGC non-member but regular player, with me and Phil, John White close behind for second. A clutch of mid-thirties scorers suggest they enjoyed the course and the day. Only one 2, fittingly won by the outgoing Captain meant a good final haul for his charity.

AGM followed… minutes to be released soon I’m sure.

Phew, all done and then a chance to chat with old friends, renew acquaintances which is generally, for me, the best part of our society days and makes my miserable round far more bearable.

Thanks to all for attending and making my day great. Hope to see you all again soon and also those who could not make this event. Looking forward to Blackmoor !

Paul Staples

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  1. Terry Wall Terry Wall says:

    Very erudite report, Paul! I thought the greens were in very good condition considering the recent weather, they had sensibly set the mowers fairly high so they were slowish but true and looked great. Glad you enjoyed the important parts of the day and a super start to our season, thanks. See you at Blackmoor, Terry.

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