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There were 22 members and 1 guest at our final event of the year at Farnham Golf Club. The weather was very kind to us considering it was autumn; and we had been given an amazing discount as restructuring work was taking places on a few holes, so it was only a 17 hole round, but with some amazing scores, as you will see later.

We were only given 6 tee times, so we all went out in 4 balls, apart from the first group of 3, and this not only worked well, but it was a lot more sociable, with more chatting and discussions, fortunately not just of golf. Our Treasurer had his son playing as a guest and Philip Norris did very well.

The course was in good condition for most of the holes, but we did have 1 replacement hole and a shortened Par 4 hole with a temporary green. Regardless of this we had two Eagles on Par 4’s by Mike Brown & Steve Anderson, we had the lovely Rona Barford being the only lady in our group, there was a wonderful halfway house, which many groups stopped at to have a drink and chat.

The last group came in at 3.25pm, and we all sat down for a lovely meal around 4pm, followed by prize giving. This event also transpired to become the Presidents Bowl event.

So here are the Oscars for the event:

  • 1st Place – Martin Glastonbury (39 pts)
  • 2nd Place – Mike Brown (39 pts)
  • 3rd Place – Mike Houghton (37 pts)
  • NP – Terry Wall
  • NP2 – Mike Brown (Eagle)
  • 2’s – Martin Smith, Mike Brown, Steve Anderson
  • Big Head Trophy – Steve Anderson
  • Presidents Bowl – Martyn Glastonbury

The Captain conducted a mini auction for unsold items, and gave the auction winners their vouchers.

Our next event is the Presidents v Captains on November 3rd at Royal Winchester.


Anil Shah – 10th October

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  1. Tony Ransley Tony Ransley says:

    Just checked with Farnham after our Handicap Secretary challenged the card entry on EG. The Farnham round can’t be a qualifier, because the course as played was ‘not measured’ and hence one can’t play a qualifying round on it?

    Just so you all know.

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