Matchplay Rules

Matchplay Rules

Matchplay will resume from June 2020 under government Covid-19 restrictions per revised R&A rules and those of your club . 


  • All players must be members of the society. Both ladies and men may enter the singles and doubles.


  • All participants must nominate a home course with their entry e-mail. If no home course is nominated by a player at entry all his matches will be played away. In the event both players in a match have not nominated a home course the match will be played at a venue mutually chosen. If no venue can be agreed on by the players the organiser will chose a venue.
  • Players, whose names are shown in bold, will host the match at their nominated home club. In later rounds, players who have had the smaller proportion of home matches may be given the choice of venue by the organiser; in that case the organiser will advise who has choice of venue.
  • The final shall be played on a course chosen by mutual agreement or the winner may be settled by a home and away 36-hole match.
  • Home-course players should make the first offer of dates; though contacting the others and agreeing a playing date is the responsibility of all the players. The organiser must be copied on all e-mail correspondence and notified immediately if a date cannot be agreed.


  • In Doubles if a player has to miss a round he may appoint a substitute, but he must play in future rounds if available.
  • In Doubles, the home team will lose the match if the match is drawn and played at the home course of any 1 of the players.
  • If a Doubles match is played at a neutral course, the match will be settled by a putting competition each player taking 3 puts from 10 feet. The team which holes the most puts wins. In the event of a a tie after 6 puts per team, each team will select 1 player each who will continue putting against each other from 10 ft till we have a winner.


  • Matches should be played from the society tees of the day. These are often, but not always, the YELLOW tees for men and RED for ladies. If there is a disagreement or if the tee selection is not clear, the direction of the local golf professional should be sought. 


  • Any person not playing in a singles match at their nominated home course will receive one additional shot on their handicap. In normal circumstances this will mean the “away” player gets an extra shot; obviously if both players belong to the same club, no additional shots are given.
  • Matches should be played off your current Club or BGS handicap. Society cuts will not apply. 
  • In Singles competition, after adding any “away” stroke, the higher handicap player will receive the full difference. 
  • In Doubles competition, matchplay four-ball betterball, handicap shots will be given based on 90% full difference. 

Ladies Handicap Adjustments:

  • When a lady is playing, the SSS difference is given as a handicap allowance and the match will be played of the Ladies SI. In doubles the 90% difference will be calculated after the SSS difference is applied.

Green Fees:

  • Green Fees should be shared among those playing, the host paying an equal share. 

Plate Competition:

  • Losers of their first match will be drawn for the Plate competitions, unless the organiser is otherwise informed.


  • The organiser should be notified immediately of the result of each match by the winners, who should contact their next opponents as shown on the website. First match losers entering the Plate should contact the organiser for their next opponent. 


  • Extensions past the final date for each round will NOT be permitted. If the players themselves cannot come to an acceptable way to declare a result within 7 days of the final date, the organiser will declare the result based on the effort made by each party, as reflected in the players’ copied e-mail exchange to arrange a suitable match date.