IBM Nationals 2022

Many of us had a great two days in Dalmahoy GC last weekend playing in the IBM National Championship. The weather was glorious and both courses excellent. 

With Terry not playing I thought I had a chance. It appears the trophy goes to the best nett score and not stapleford points so sadly I didn’t bring the cup home. I have been cut by two strokes however. Ironically I submitted my card from our last outing at Newbury which reduced my handicap by 0.1 which cost me a shot. I lost the nett by 1 shot 🙁

I’ve offered to help organise the 2023 IBM National event which will be in the midlands or down south. If anyone has a venue they would recommend, please let me know. 


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  1. Terry Wall Terry Wall says:

    Yep, it’s always been medal not stableford. Great that our long-time member Rob Stagg took the scratch honours.

    South or Midlands excellent, though we always found the Scots were reluctant to come down even though lots of us went up north (well’ it is Scotland). Only difference is that we won’t be able to refer to it as the IBM National, just “The National” as IBM wants to have nothing more to do with employees, retirees and families unless they are working for the company and bringing in revenue!

    We used the Warwickshire twice (I admit that’s where I won) and the Forest of Arden but couldn’t play the better course as they were preparing for the English Open. Near the M1 or M6 would be good for ease of travel from north or south.

  2. Bill Quain Bill Quain says:

    Down south would be great. Princes in Sandwich is good.

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