IBM BGS 2021 Annual General Meeting


To be held on    19th May 2021   at   Pine Ridge Golf Club about 18:00

  1. Introduction and welcome   –   Malcolm Large
  2. Apologies and approval of 2019 AGM minutes   –   Malcolm Large
  3. Treasurer’s report and approval of 2020 financial report   –  Peter Norris
  4. Captains Report   –   Peter Norris

At this point the Chair will be vacated for election of officers   –   President

     5.  Election of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer (current incumbents are willing to stand).  Confirm our new Captain.

     6.  New Captains report   –   Phil Billin

     7. AOB   –   ALL 

Minutes of our last meeting in 2019 are here – 


FYI – Our Constitution is here – 

BGS Constitution Rules

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