History Spring Cup

Spring Cup

Played over the spring events, it is awarded to the member with the lowest aggregate ranking points from their 2 best competitions. Members who play their first qualifying event for this trophy with a handicap of 20 or less qualify.

2021Simon Davey
2020Not Contested
2019Tony Ransley
2018Terry Wall
2017Paul Stewart
2016Bill Quain
2015Bill Quain
2014Paul Stewart
2013Mike Mawtus
2012John Moss
2011David Tulloch
2010Rona Barford
2009Peter Barford
2008Dave McCormick
2007Mike Mawtus
2006 Bob Thompson
2005 Nick Buse
2004 Mike BellĀ 
2003 Bill Quain
2002 Mike Harris
2001 Ken Crookes
2000 Bill Quain
1999 Bill Quain
1998 Mike Harris
1997 Terry Wall
1996 Phillip Angle
1995 Gerry Young
1994 Brian Rose
1993 Peter Vigar
1992 Ron Buss
1991 Len Flint
1990 Brian Henderson
1989 John Williams & Tony Croxon
1988 Mike Harris