History Ladies Cup

Ladies Cup

Played over the main events of the season, it is awarded to the lady member with the highest aggregate points scores from their 3 best competitions. All lady members qualify.

2021Rona Barford
2020Liz Clark
2019Rona Barford
2018Rona Barford
2017Rona Barford
2016Rona Barford
2015Cathy Pritchard
2014Rona Barford
2013Sheila Farrell
2012Shelley Harrington
2011Sheila Farrell
2010Shelley Harrington
2009Rona Barford
2008Rona Barford
2007Shelley Harrington
2006 Rona Barford
2005 Cathy Pritchard
2004 Brenda Moss