History Henderson Trophy

Henderson Trophy

Awarded to the member with the lowest gross strokeplay score over any one round of the main events of the season. All members qualify.

2021Bill Quain
2020Bill Quain
2019Ken Crookes
2018Bill Quain
2017Paul Stewart
2016Bill Quain
2015Paul Stewart
2014Paul Stewart
2013Paul Stewart
2012Paul Stewart
2011Paul Stewart
2010Paul Stewart
2009Paul Stewart
2008Simon Coote
2007Terry Wall
2006 Terry Wall
2005 Terry Wall
2004 Malcolm Large
2003 Bill Quain
2002 Bill Quain
2001 Andrew Buchanan
2000 Chris Jaques
1999 Terry Wall
1998 Terry Wall
1997 Brian Henderson & Terry Wall
1996 Pete Rickard
1995 David Jeffrey
1994 Terry Wall
1993 Brian Henderson
1992 Brian Henderson
1991 Brian Henderson