Handicaps & Cuts

Handicaps & Cuts

The following people received cuts as a reward for coming first or second in a society event. Click here if you wish to see the current Handicap Rules. If your cuts are incorrect, please contact the Handicap Secretary.

Table below last updated on: 23/01/2021

MemberUnexpired CutsEvent Details
BillQuain41st Camberley Heath on 07/10/2020 (Cut 2 until 31/03/2021, Cut 1 until 31/05/2021)
1st Royal Winchester on 04/11/2020 (Cut 2 until 30/04/2021, Cut 1 until 30/06/2021)
DaveMcCormick12nd Camberley Heath on 07/10/2020 (Cut 1 until 31/03/2021)
MarkKenyon11st East Berks on 18/9/2020 (Cut 2 until 30/11/20, Cut 1 until 30/04/2021)
AnthonyLawrence12nd Royal Winchester on 04/11/20 (Cut 1 until 30/04/2021)

* Cuts expire two or four months after they are earned. The December-February off season is excluded when restoring cuts, except for those expiring on 1/12. See the Handicaps Q&A for more information.

Society-maintained Handicaps

The following handicaps are maintained by the Society for members who do not have an active golf club handicap. If you do not have a club or BGS handicap index, or to understand how your BGS index has been calculated, please contact the Handicap Secretary.

Table below last updated on: 23/01/2021

NameRounds PlayedRounds ScoredDifferential TotalHandicap Index (BGSWHS) (average x113/123)
Anil Shah935516.8
Brian Close513229.4
Ian Scougall313633.1
Ian Stoker824922.5
Ivan Dally628639.5
John Moss413633.1
John White1247517.2
Martyn Glastonbury20832737.6
Nigel Chapman411211.0
Peter Breakell20823326.8
Peter Norris20823426.9
Phil Billin17618928.9
Stephen Matthews1--16 (Provisional)

Below is a copy of the detailed calculations:

BGS WHS Handicaps January 2021

Any queries please reach out to the Handicap Secretary.



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