Handicap Rules (2020)

Handicap Rules 2021

Adjustments to CONGU handicaps for Society winners

Please address any questions about handicaps to the Handicap Secretary.

What handicap should I play off?

Members will play off their club handicap (or allocated BGS handicap for those who do not have an active club handicap), less any strokes awarded for being a recent prizewinner. The reductions awarded will be one stroke to the runner-up and two to the winner. These will be removed one at a time two months and four months after the event (on the 1st of the following month).

Society Handicap System Questions and Answers

    • What happens if a player earns more reductions before earlier ones have expired?
    • They are cumulative and each will expire according to the date it was earned.
    • What happens if a player’s club handicap changes during the reduction period?
    • The reduction is applied to the player’s current club handicap on the date of the event, whether that handicap has increased, decreased, or remained the same.
    • Isn’t it unfair to apply the reduction if the player’s club handicap has come down?
    • No, as that handicap has changed (up or down) based on independent results and the reduction only applies to society events.
    • How about the winter warmer and AGM events?

Events normally held in the closed period of December to February will not be used for handicap reduction awards – this includes the Winter Warmer if held during this period. The AGM event, and any event in November, will be included when it forms part of the trophy season, i.e. from the first designated Champion’s Cup event to the last and including the Spring, Summer and Autumn trophies.

    • Will some players have the benefit that their reductions will expire in mid-winter?
      No, the winter closed period of December to February will be ignored and any unexpired reductions carried forward, except for those expiring on 1/12. For example, a one-stroke reduction awarded in October will be active for the rest of October and for the two months November and March and will expire on 1st April. However, a 4-month reduction awarded in July, or a 2-month reduction in September will be restored on 1/12 and should not be applied to a competition in December-February, for example, the Winter Warmer.

    • Do members have to apply the reduction in matchplay events?
    • No. Starting in 2017, the member’s official club or BGS competition handicap is to be used without reduction.
    • So players who win or come second not having beaten the SSS will be cut?
    • Yes, as they will have scored best on a day when the course, pin positions, weather and other factors have caused unusual difficulties.
    • And players who do not win or come second will have no reduction even if their score is the same?
    • Correct. The reductions recognise best play and prizewinning, even if this is on countback by playing better towards the end of the round. The new system is based on results and not scores.
    • Which trophy category – A or B – will a player be in if his club handicap at the start of a year or season is 21 (B) but he has a stroke reduction award still unexpired?
    • As his initial playing handicap will be 20 (A) that will be his category for the annual and seasonal trophies.
    • So how will members who do not have active golf handicaps have their handicaps maintained?

The handicap secretary will apply the CONGU rules to those members’ scores (modified to allow for our two categories against their four, and for the limited number of events), and will advise the member by email and on the website handicap list when that causes a change in playing handicap. Reductions awarded to these players will be applied in the same way as those applied to club handicaps. General play adjustments may also be made during the season or annually.

If your club active handicap is restored you must play off that in society fixtures, and should advise the handicap secretary accordingly. Your society handicap will lapse.