End of Term Report from the Captain

Dear BGS Members,

I trust you are all safe and well as we enter Lockdown #2 which has called an abrupt halt to our short golfing season.
I am afraid that our planned end of year Winter Warmer at Dummer on 26th November has been cancelled.  So we will miss our final outing and a Thanksgiving dinner πŸ˜‰
With the uncertainty over lockdown ending and golf clubs reopening we decided not to try to play Dummer in December.  It looks like Basingstoke GC will be owning the Dummer course in 2021 and so we may never play Dummer again.

We were extremely luckily with the date for our annual Captain vs President at Royal Winchester on Wednesday β€“ considering Terry set the date back in November 2019 when Covid-19 had not been invented!  On Sunday night Terry had convinced the club management to allow us to play on Wednesday – they initially wanted our tee times for members.  The day had the best weather ever – considering the 2 foggy mornings since.  The car park was overflowing as everyone was trying to get a last round in before closure.  See Terry’s report on the website – http://bgs2.ibmbgs.org.uk/royal-winchester-results
We have been lucky to be able to play just 3 events this year – plus the annual Jubilee Cup vs Hursley, North Harbour and Surrey & Sussex.  
Wednesday saw the conclusion of our short season with the following winners of the trophies – 

  • Autumn Salver – Bill Quain β€“ two firsts made him unbeatable.
  • Autumn Ice bucket – Peter Norris
  • Quarter Century Cup – Tony Ransley (as Bill and Peter are not eligible)
  • Ladies Trophy – Liz Clark β€“ with an impressively low handicap.
  • Henderson Trophy – Bill Quain β€“ with lowest gross score at all 3 events!  77 at Winchester.
  • The Presidents team took the Captain vs President challenge.

Congratulations to all the winners – and many thanks to all those who managed to play at one of our events this year.  
I know that several of you have been unable to play in 2020 for various reasons.  I wish you well and trust that you can join us once again out on a golf course in 2021.
On your behalf, I would like to thank all those who work behind the scenes to make this society work so smoothly.  It is a team effort and a well-oiled machine.  THANK YOU.
A special mention for Shelley as she is in the process of handing over the website management to Anil.  Shelley has built a new website this year which is much simpler for us to edit and contribute to – thus enabling the website workload to be distributed.  THANK YOU to Shelley for all you have done over the years. 
With my Treasurers hat on, 2020 has been a difficult year financially – but due to cancellations and lower subsidy spend we end the year with significant money in the bank account and deposits paid for all the planned events in 2021.  We pray that 2021 is a more normal year – if that is possible.  We have a similar programme booked as we had hoped for in 2020.  With plenty of money available we shall be able to give a good subsidy for our events.
I thank those 37 of you who paid Β£20 subs in 1Q20.  I will credit you Β£10 against your 2021 subs – thus reducing your payment next year.  Those who paid the reduced Β£10 subs later in the year will pay Β£20 in 2021.  Please don’t pay 2021 subs until we ask you – probably in March.
2020 was due to be the year that Phil Billin took over as Captain – but we decided that I would remain for a second short year.  We hope that Phil gets a full year as Captain in 2021.  I wish Phil well as he takes the reins at our AGM.
A date for your diaries β€“ our first event for 2021 (including our AGM) is booked to be at Chobham GC on Wednesday 14th April.  
This is 5 months away!  Take a long break, keep safe and well and hopefully we will exit the Covid crisis by April.
God bless.

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