East Berkshire – 18th September

Enrolments are now open for our first event of the year at East Berkshire.  To comply with Coronavirus guidelines, the rules have changed.  Enrolments are limited to 24 and close on 11h September – two weeks prior to the event. Please see the revised 22 August newsletter for prices and details.  Click here for the new guidelines.

The format for the day is fourball. When you arrive at the club from 12.00 onwards for coffee/bacon roll please sit with the fourball that you are playing in and somebody will serve you. The same applies when you have finished playing:  please sit in the dining area with your fourball playing partners, and your drinks order will be taken.

To ensure the organisation for the day works well please play your round in good order: play provisionals where necessary, no walking back to play another ball, no letting groups through. Tee slots are are at 10 minute intervals.



  • Stay 1+ metre apart, preferably 2 metres, at all times.
  • No handshakes.
  • No raking bunkers – preferred lies in bunkers.
  • No handling the flagstick – gimmies of 12 inches.
  • Players can support the flagstick with a club if need be, to centre it and hold it upright while another player putts.
  • Arrive at the 1st tee just in time for your tee time, not before.
  • Arrive no more than 60 minutes before tee time.
  • No swapping of scorecards. First 2 names in each playing group to obtain a scorecard at check-in, keep Stableford scores for all players, crosscheck scores with each other at the end of the round.
  • Recommended you bring hand sanitiser.


  • Obey any clubhouse rules of the venue.
  • Locker room is open 
  • Showers – not available
  • Option for people to avoid lunch

We plan to award prizes on the day

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