History Charity Scroll

Charity Scroll

Introduced by Gerry Young during his 1997 captaincy, it is awarded at the AGM by the outgoing captain for services during the previous year. Criteria is at the captain’s discretion.

2021Not Presented
2019/2020Rona & Peter Barford
2018Anil Shah
2017Roger Wardle
2016Ivan Dally
2015Shelley Harrington
2014Gerry Young
2013Peter Norris
2012Dave McCormick
2011Roger Harrington and Shelley Harrington
2010Paul Staples
2009Shelley Harrington
2008Dave McCormick
2007Ken Crookes
2006 Val Jones
2005 Dave Tulloch
2004 Terry Wall
2003 Roger Harrington
2002 Roy Moore
2001 Gerry Young
2000 Ted Barrett
1999 Ormond Jones
1998 Chris Barwick
1997 Patrick Cull