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Thank you

 A huge thank you to everyone at BGS for the generous gift certificate.  I’ve enjoyed doing the website for the past 13 (!) years and will look forward to keeping an eye on your antics in the future.  Hopefully the season will be able to kick off before long.  Stay safe.

  • Shelley

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Useful BGS Trophies


Dear all,  there has been some discussion about how useful our Trophies are.  Dust gatherers or useful? 

I demonstrate here the most useful trophy that BGS awards.  The Autumn Ice Bucket awarded to the best high handicaper..

In this case, I was celebrating my 70th Birthday a couple of weeks ago.  It will be used again for Ruth’s birthday on Wednesday, Christmas on Friday and New Year next week.  Then it will probably gather dust until my family gets together when Lockdown rules ease. → More...

End of Term Report from the Captain

Dear BGS Members,

I trust you are all safe and well as we enter Lockdown #2 which has called an abrupt halt to our short golfing season.
I am afraid that our planned end of year Winter Warmer at Dummer on 26th November has been cancelled.  So we will miss our final outing and a Thanksgiving dinner 😉
With the uncertainty over lockdown ending and golf clubs reopening we decided not to try to play Dummer in December.  It looks like Basingstoke GC will be owning the Dummer course in 2021 and so we may never play Dummer again. → More...

Royal Winchester Results


…Or is the President “Biden” his time? At least we would get a result by the end of play on November 4th as two teams of IBM BGS golfers took to the fairways of Royal Winchester on Lockdown Eve along with most of the Club’s membership. Glorious weather justified the post-October date for the 21st holding of the event with Peter hoping to repeat his team’s triumph last year and use his extra year as Captain to become the first to win the trophy twice. → More...

New Handicap System

Royal St George’s on the Kent coast will have one of the higher rankings on the new World Handicap System

PN Comment – I spent much of my youth fishing on this beach!  We also entered the course (through the fence) during the first recent Open to see a hole in one early one evening.  Never played it – but I have played Princes next door several times including with my brothers father-in-law who was the Pro for many years.

Golf’s authorities are responding to renewed lockdown on the day handicap procedures change for hundreds of thousands of the UK’s recreational players amid fears of “teething problems” with the new system. → More...

Nick Buse Passed Away

Dear BGS Members,

I am sad to have to tell you that Nick Buse has died. Nick was a stalwart of the society for many years from the early Nineties and a very effective player off a respectable handicap. He is still the only member to have won the Champions Cup three years in succession (1997-1999) and most of you will remember he was our Captain in 2003. He won all three of our Division A seasonal trophies, and the Matchplay singles twice and the doubles three times, the last two (2002 & 2004) with John Moss as his partner. → More...

Battle @ Alton

Well, the first Matchplay event took place on the 4 August 2020. TR & SA vs PS & DM

Suitably distancing the match was close and exiting the lead swapping 4 times at the halfway point the match was level. A sandy net par out of the back bunker by TR on 10 was matched by DM. PS made the extra shot count on 11 despite missing a 4 footer… 🙂 The short par 3 that followed led to incident number 1 … PS picking up despite having a put for a half oops. → More...

And another scam

I almost fell for it.  An email purporting to come from a BGS member asked for technical help.  When I replied they wanted me to buy an Amazon gift card for a niece, and told me not to phone.  Alarm bells!

Stupid me, I hadn’t noticed the first email didn’t use my name.  I should never have replied, but at least didn’t get conned.  Someone’s phishing.  Don’t get caught.

  • Shelley

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Another kind of bandit

Avoid Track & Trace Scams

The Covid-19 Track & Trace app hasn’t been released yet, but scammers are out and about.  The Devon and Cornwall Police’s Cyber Protect Unit has issued the following advice:

Contact tracers will NEVER:

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