Himanshu Anil Shah

2021 Start of Year Newsletter

“Here we are again, happy as can be, all good friends ……… “ and no company!
It’s March, the daffodils are out, the trees starting to bud – so it is time to think about the coming golfing season😉
I trust you are all safe and well as we celebrate (if that is the right word) one year of COVID. Many of us will have had our first jab and the Covid numbers are all heading downwards – Thank God.
BoJo said Golf Courses will be able to open on 29th March – but when will you be able to get out and play on your own courses? → More...

End of Term Report from the Captain

Dear BGS Members,

I trust you are all safe and well as we enter Lockdown #2 which has called an abrupt halt to our short golfing season.
I am afraid that our planned end of year Winter Warmer at Dummer on 26th November has been cancelled.  So we will miss our final outing and a Thanksgiving dinner 😉
With the uncertainty over lockdown ending and golf clubs reopening we decided not to try to play Dummer in December.  It looks like Basingstoke GC will be owning the Dummer course in 2021 and so we may never play Dummer again. → More...

Royal Winchester Results


…Or is the President “Biden” his time? At least we would get a result by the end of play on November 4th as two teams of IBM BGS golfers took to the fairways of Royal Winchester on Lockdown Eve along with most of the Club’s membership. Glorious weather justified the post-October date for the 21st holding of the event with Peter hoping to repeat his team’s triumph last year and use his extra year as Captain to become the first to win the trophy twice. → More...

Royal Winchester GC – November 4th

Winchester will be a standard Stableford event and the final event for this years trophies, the Autumn Salver and Ice Bucket, the Quarter Century and the Henderson. It will also be the 21st holding of the Captain vs Presidents team event , decided by points scores recorded by Peter’s team, mainly of ex captains and Terry’s team . More on this on the day! 

Hits: 0 → More...

Camberley Heath Results

The Gods were good to us on Wednesday 7 Oct.
After 100 mm of rain on Camberley Heath in 4 days we had a bright sunny if cool and breezy day.
The course was in great condition apart from a few worm casts and had benefitted from the rain.
17 BGS members took part under our new Covid 19 rules and at least we didn’t need masks to play golf.
3 players elected to use the Black tee measured course and lost 6 off their handicaps compared to yellow tees. → More...

Camberley Heath – October 7th

When you arrive at the club for coffee you will need to sit with the group that you are playing with and somebody will serve you. The same will apply when you have finished playing. Please sit in the dining area with your playing partners, and your drinks order will be taken. To ensure the organisation for the day works well please play your round in good order , play provisionals where necessary, no walking back to play another ball, and no letting groups through. → More...

East Berks Results

East Berks GC was in relatively good condition, although we were allowed to pick and place on close mown areas. Weather was bright and sunny, if a little breezy at times.
East Berks looked after us well, the food was good as was the service, given the restrictions in place.

Winner was Mark Kenyon, on count back from Steve Fayers. Both had 37.

3rd was Brian Woodham, on countback from Peter Norris.
18 players on the day, one guest, so 17 BGS members.
 → More...

IBM Silver Jubilee Cup 2020 results

The IBM Silver Jubilee cup (first played for in 1973) result was the closest  in living memory, possibly ever (ending very nearly in a 3 way tie).

Surrey and Sussex won by just one point, making it an unprecedented four wins in a row – gauntlet thrown down for next year!

I want to thank the three players who stepped in to make it an 8 a side match, Dugie McNellis, Gordon Whickman and John Devlin.  They all played very well averaging just over 68 between them. → More...

Nick Buse Passed Away

Dear BGS Members,

I am sad to have to tell you that Nick Buse has died. Nick was a stalwart of the society for many years from the early Nineties and a very effective player off a respectable handicap. He is still the only member to have won the Champions Cup three years in succession (1997-1999) and most of you will remember he was our Captain in 2003. He won all three of our Division A seasonal trophies, and the Matchplay singles twice and the doubles three times, the last two (2002 & 2004) with John Moss as his partner. → More...