Another year another Knock Out competition….

Hi Everyone 


Welcome back after a long long winter ….

Last year’s knockout was, to say the least, a challenge.. 

The Doubles competition was won by John White and Phil Bullin congratulations guys

The Singles is still running With part 2 hopefully being played at Royal Winchester between Terry Wall and John Devlin. 

The Doubles Plate is yet to be decided Hopefully Steve Edwards will recover from injury to square up with Terry Wall Against Steve Anderson and Tony Ransley… 

The singles plate was conceded after Anil’s injury… hopefully Anil is fully recovered and will be able to contribute in 2021…

Entries for the 2021 comp[etition are now open, don’t be shy and make the most of the opportunity of playing some great courses and sharing yours with your fellow BGS members…

Please e-mail for your entries. Note doubles entries must name and cc their partner on the application e-mail. 

Thank you alll and Goooood Golfing in 2021.








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