And another scam

I almost fell for it.  An email purporting to come from a BGS member asked for technical help.  When I replied they wanted me to buy an Amazon gift card for a niece, and told me not to phone.  Alarm bells!

Stupid me, I hadn’t noticed the first email didn’t use my name.  I should never have replied, but at least didn’t get conned.  Someone’s phishing.  Don’t get caught.

  • Shelley

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  1. Terry Wall Terry Wall says:

    I received this and phoned to check. Fortunately the member was aware and was trying to deal with the fallout.

    It would be so easy to open a suspicious email and accidentally click on the wrong button – why don’t the service providers put all your junk emails into a folder that you can’t access unless you deliberately sign into it? That way if you get caught it really is down to you!


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